Migration of Workloads Between Clouds

How To Migrate Information and Workloads from One Cloud to Another?

UStorage is the solution for managing, orchestrating, replicating, and storing large volumes of unstructured data. uStorage is a patented Software Defined Storage solution, and underpins hyper-converged IT architectures.

How To Use uStorage for Migration

In order to migrate workloads between clouds, uStorage is the tool that will assist this process.

  • The client installs on his own Virtualiser LUN of the Datacenter’s uStorage.
  • UStorage Virtual Cloud LUN would use a local space for the temporary cache to transfer data from the VM to the selected cloud.
  • The client will have a panel to monitor throughput, performance and how much has already been copied;
  • At the end of this process, the data will be accessed on the uCloud Panel, where:
  • Virtual machines will be imported
  • The network and security settings will be customized, being the same as the source Datacenter.
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