About Ustore

Ustore is the only company to deliver the Real Cloud Value enabling the creation of economic ecosystems that support the journey towards a multicloud strategy.

Based on its portfolio, Ustore delivers offers that address the needs of the cloud market enabling MultiCloud offers for Management of Hybrid Environments, creation of offers with hyper-converged appliances through uCloud and uStorage, and creation of monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery offers.
In addition to the great technological differential, our solutions present flexible business models with a simplified, fast, and safe implementation with national patents.

Amongst Ustore’s clients and partners are the largest players in the Brazilian and global technology markets, such as Embratel, Atos and the Brazilian Army, among others.

Ustore’s solutions and environments are integrated with the world’s largest private and public cloud technologies, such as: AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud, Openstack, VMWare, XEN Server, Hyper-v, and many others. Ustore’s hybrid environment management platform offers all the necessary features for optimizing companies’ cloud computing systems.

Our Mission

Ustore’s mission is to foster the national market in the area of basic computational infrastructure through the development of technology-intensive solutions. We believe that the use of software technology improves people’s education and impacts the evolution of society, simplifying people’s lives and experiences.

At Ustore, we value national intellectual capital and promote bonds with academic and scientific communities. We encourage innovation and believe in ethics and transparency as essential values in business relationships. Our technologies help clients succeed.

We are the only Brazilian IT company that develops mature software platforms for orchestrating hybrid multicloud environments and enabling the creation of competitive ecosystems integrated with the main global cloud and virtualization players.

Research & Development Center

Ustore’s Research & Development Center is located in the historic area of Recife and is part of the Parque Tecnológico Porto Digital, recognized as the best innovation ecosystem for information technology in Brazil. The company has an infrastructure with a research, development, and innovation laboratory, in addition to a team of implementation and maintenance of its solutions. The broad and integrated work environment allows for greater communication and cooperation between the institution’s collaborators. Ustore is a reference in cybersecurity being recognized by Brazil’s Ministry of Defense as a national strategic company.

Ustore today has a highly qualified team, mostly doctors, doctoral students, masters, and master’s students in the technology field.

Ustore Leadership

  • Fabiana Falcone

    COO - Chief Operating Officer

    COO da Ustore, atua como líder da operação, estratégia de vendas e desenvolvimento comercial...

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  • Rodrigo Assad

    CNO - Chief Nerd Officer

    Chief Nerd Officer (CNO) da Ustore, atua como líder do time de Desenvolvimento, além de guiar...

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  • 2007

    Beginning of the research project

  • 2009

    First fundraising

  • 2012

    First product launch

  • 2012

    Foundation of Ustore

  • 2013

    Consolidation of the first contracts

  • 2014

    Launch of the uCloud project

  • 2015

    New management and market expansion

  • 2015

    Ustore named national strategic company by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil

  • 2016

    uCloud commercially available

  • 2017

    First iCloud contract as a White Label solution

  • 2018

    Transformation into Ustore S.A.

  • 2018

    Launch of the Mangue project

  • 2018

    Launch of the beta version of Mangue

  • 2018

    Consolidation of the strategic partnership with Embratel

  • 2018

    USavings beta release

  • 2018

    Mangue commercially available

  • 2019

    International expansion

Governance, Orchestration, Security, Auditing, Provisioning, Automation, Brokerage, and Ticketing for Multiple Public and Private Clouds