Partners & Integrators

Ustore, together with its business partners, offers cloud computing and storage solutions for companies of all sizes to the market. The partners network is composed of leading companies in the markets they operate, with proven success stories in the sale of products, services and solutions for the corporate market and the public sector, throughout the national territory. Ustore works with major private and public sector partners. Through its integrators, Ustore meets all the needs related to hybrid cloud environments.


MultiCloud is an analysis, deployment, and management service in Cloud Computing, which uses the infrastructure of Embratel or partners to deliver the best option in the cloud and meet the needs of your business, with a panel that performs management and integration of multiple Clouds. It is intended for companies of all sizes that use Cloud and have multiple Clouds.


The CMP platform developed by Ustore is a complete solution that allows the implementation of environments with multiple clouds, integrated with VMWare offers on the IBM Cloud with provision of cloud computing, storage, and integrated network for greater performance, better scalability, and management.


The Atos Smart Cloud solution delivers multi-purpose offers and integrates with different types of cloud and virtualizers. It uses the services and technologies of a vast partner ecosystem transparently in a secure cloud environment. The intelligence of the Atos Smart Cloud offer enables the cloud for all budget sizes, companies and performance requirements.

Betta Global Partner

Betta Global Partner is an authorized partner and integrator of Ustore's cloud computing solutions.


Datacentrics is an authorized partner and integrator of Ustore's cloud computing solutions.

Why Become A Ustore Client Or Partner?

IT Integrators

To use Ustore solutions, contact us for White label solutions for hybrid multi-cloud environments that enable the delivery of complete solutions to your final clients.

Final Clients And Public Sector

To use Ustore solutions, contact us to help you choose a certified integrator and schedule a demonstration of the Ustore Platform.

Governance, Orchestration, Security, Auditing, Provisioning, Automation, Brokerage and Ticketing of Multiple Public and Private Clouds