Ustore Platform

The Ustore Platform is a cloud services broker, cloud service management and cloud governance platform, including cloud service provisioning, policy management, cloud cost management, and operations management.

Ustore allows organizations to create, deliver and manage multiple cloud services, and implement a cloud-enabled business model to offer, deliver, support, and invoice multi cloud services.

Ustore’s solutions and environments are integrated with the world’s largest private and public cloud technologies, such as: AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud, Openstack, VMWare, XEN Server, Hyper-v, and many others. Ustore’s hybrid environment management platform offers all the necessary features for optimizing companies’ cloud computing systems.

Technical Aspects

The Ustore platform offers flexibility and scalability, with a multi-layer architecture, multi-tenancy, RESTful APIs and integration structures, supporting localization in terms of multiple currencies, languages, and time zones.

In addition to the great technological differential, Ustore’s solutions present flexible business models with a simplified, fast, safe implementation and with national patents.

All of these platforms are integrated and have a system of authentication and management of cryptographic keys per user that guarantees the privacy and ownership of your data.

Ustore allows partners, including telecommunications service providers, managed service providers, system integrators, distributors, technology, and value-added resellers, to unify, deliver, and manage public or private SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud services for final clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises and government organizations.



Solution for orchestration, management, and billing of infrastructure in private and public clouds in a distributed way.

The purpose of this platform is to allow the centralized management of heterogeneous environments of virtualization software for IT infrastructure and Public Clouds.

Through uCloud, corporations can adopt scenarios with different virtual environments and hybrid Cloud networks in multiple datacenters minimizing their dependence on specific suppliers without being intrusive in their legacy environmen

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Solution for management, orchestration, replication, and storage of large volumes of unstructured data.

UStorage is a patented Software Defined Storage solution and underpins hyper-converged IT architectures.

The Software Defined Storage Ustore, delivers different IOPs on a single platform in an agnostic way to the hardware, enabling the hyper convergence of clouds, migration of workloads, backup services, and creation of disaster recovery offers.

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Solution for orchestration of multicloud containers.

The Mangue platform uses Kubernetes, Docker, and the uCloud Broker capacity to offer multicloud containers that can be used to create a dynamic and evolutionary Market Place, that already has more than 100,000 applications available.

This same structure can be used to create serverless offers, a demand in constant growth due to the evolution of IoT services and solutions.

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Governance, Orchestration, Security, Auditing, Provisioning, Automation, Brokerage, and Ticketing for Multiple Public and Private Clouds