UCloud is a solution for orchestrating, managing and ticketing virtual machines in private and public clouds in a distributed way. The purpose of this platform is to allow the management of heterogeneous environments: IT infrastructure virtualization software and Public Clouds.

Through uCloud, corporations can adopt scenarios with different virtual environments and hybrid Cloud networks in multiple data centers minimizing their dependence on specific suppliers and avoiding being intrusive in their legacy environment.

Integrated Services In The uCloud Platform


Network management and virtualization solution coupled to uCloud.

The purpose of the SDN (Software Defined Network) Ustore is to make the network as fast and flexible as the virtualized servers and cloud storage infrastructure.

This uCloud module brings speed and enables the deployment of the hybrid cloud environment, allowing a quick response and network implementation. This solution delivers functional separation, network virtualization, and automation.


Marketplace solution, coupled with uCloud, for automatic creation of offers from pre-defined environments. The objective is to create a solutions menu, making the inclusion of new offers via business partners agile and fast.


Comparison of prices, budget analysis, and workload movement of the virtual machine in real time, coupled with uCloud.

Main Features

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