Containers Use & Optimization

How To Optimize the Use of Containers in Development?

Mangue is a solution for multicloud container offers. Mangue uses Kubernets, Docker and the uCloud Broker capacity to have a range of multicloud containers that can be used to create a dynamic and evolving Market Place that already has more than 100,000 applications available. This same structure can be used to create serverless offers, a growing demand due to the evolution of services and solutions in IoT.

How To Use Mangue in this Situation

The Mangue platform helps organizations to make applications and resources available in an agile and consistent way through their normally complex and heterogeneous IT environments, in addition to supporting important IT initiatives, such as containerization, microservices, and migration strategies in the cloud.

Mangue adds significant value to its clients by optimizing the use of containers

  • Allows developers to provide applications and functionality in an agile and productive way, meeting the needs of clients and the market;
  • Achieves business objectives and improves operational efficiency in customer service and users;
  • Reduces support effort and ongoing application management;
  • Reduces IT infrastructure operation and management costs in application development.
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