Client Has Only One Cloud

Does It Make Sense To Connect on a Multi-Cloud Platform?

UCloud is a solution for orchestrating, managing, and billing virtual machines in private and public clouds in a distributed way. UCloud’s Multi-Cloud environment allows the management of unified quota resources by contracts, groups, and users.

How uCloud Can Be Used in this Situation

If the client has a virtualized environment: it is possible to create a cloud and bring all the benefits of Cloud Management (self-provisioning, resource pool, fast elasticity, and measured services) to the client’s environment.

If the client already has a public cloud: it is possible to analyze costs and define improvements.

For both scenarios, Ustore provides automatic management and monitoring services.

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Governance, Orchestration, Security, Auditing, Provisioning, Automation, Brokerage, and Ticketing for Multiple Public and Private Clouds