Backup & Monitoring in a Multi-Cloud Environment

How To Migrate Information and Workloads from One Cloud to Another?

uStorage is the solution for managing, orchestrating, replicating, and storing large volumes of unstructured data. uStorage is a patented Software Defined Storage solution, and underpins hyper-converged IT architectures.

How To Use uCloud in this Situation

To perform the backup and monitoring of a Multi-Cloud environment, uCloud is the tool that will assist this process.

  • For each machine created within the uCloud Management Platform, users can dynamically select ITSM activity (backup is one of them, management, monitoring, among others).
  • Backup offers: install the agent and define what to backup within the file system (traditional way) or the VM backup, using hypervisor or public cloud API or integrating the Veeam.
  • For the monitoring offer: we create a VM associated with the Ustore Monitoring Platform and send error/failure traps to the SOC team.
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